Top 10 things to do in Washington

If you live in Washington in Tyne & Wear or are considering making the move to Washington, then we have the list of Top 10 activities to do in the area.  1.  WWT Washington – managed by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, this centre is a wetland reserve which has been running since 1975. It

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Should you move to Newcastle?

newcastle upon tyne highlights

Are you considering taking a big leap of faith and moving to a brand new city to start your life afresh?  If you are considering making a move to Newcastle then this guide will help you to decide if it is the right place for you.  Even though Newcastle is a city, it won’t feel

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Benefits of Self Storage

Interior doors on self storage

There are many benefits of self storage and we’ve gathered a few of you here to consider.  Self storage units have become increasingly popular in recent times, springing up all over the UK, and providing a simple way to store anything you haven’t got room for at home. Whether you’re having a clear out before

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How To Store Clothes Long Term

Tip For Storing Clothes Many modern British properties are seriously lacking on the storage front. If your wardrobe is full to bursting point, then one clever way to solve your storage issues is to pack up winter clothes in summer months, and vice versa. Storage facilities are available in nearly every UK town and city,

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Moving Home Checklist

Moving Home Checklist It’s often said that moving house is right up there in the stress stakes with divorce and bereavement. But does it really have to be such an upheaval? We think that making lists and ticking off jobs as they’re completed can reduce stress levels considerably. So here’s a basic checklist of the

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How to Prepare Furniture for Storage

5 essential tips from over 10 years storage experience on how to prepare furniture for storage. Follow these to make sure your valuable possessions come out of storage they same way they went in. 1.  Make sure everything is dry This point cannot be understated. When putting your furniture into storage make sure that it

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