Newcastle & Gateshead to Host Great Exhibition

Posted on 14/11/2016 · Posted in Blog

A joint bid from Newcastle and Gateshead went on to secure funding for the North West. In support of the development of a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ George Osborne put aside funds to support the promotion of cultural events in the North of England and one proposal was a ‘Great Exhibition of the North’.

Bradford, Sheffield and Blackpool were also shortlisted for the funding, but it was announced in October that Newcastle and Gateshead had summited the winning bid. They have secured the £5million funding to make their vision a reality. An additional £15million legacy fund has also been set aside to benefit cultural organisations across the north of England, so the other cities could still see some of their plans being executed.

The theme of the Newcastle and Gateshead event is ‘The Blazing World: The Fires of Invention’ and the aim is to promote the innovation, creativity, design and science that has emerged from northern England throughout the centuries. The exhibition will showcase the connection between science, art and invention, outlining some of the spectacular creations that have come about when the different disciplines work together.

One of the many plans for the event will be a series of walking tours that will guide visitors around attractions and venues on either side of the Tyne. Historic and modern developments will be celebrated in these routes. It will officially open on 21 June 2018 with a quayside ceremony and is expected to attract millions of additional visitors to the region.

Opportunity for North West Businesses

The event opens up the opportunity for many businesses in the area to benefit from a great influx of visitors. With 18 months to plan and prepare, there could be opportunities to consider ways of reallocating resources, partnering up or making space for new ventures that would be of interest and value to the tourists. By timing key events for June and July 2018, there is a chance to increase the potential audience.

Visitors will certainly need a place to stay, convenient transportation around the area and places to eat and drink. Could a mobile food stand be your opportunity to take refreshments to key sites, rather than visitors finding your café?

Tourists will want to visit the main attractions, but they could also be tempted into smaller venues with the right marketing. By finding local partners, there are opportunities for mutually beneficial promotions that could help direct visitors to some of the less well known areas of the city.

Storage Challenge Solved

One challenge when preparing for such an event can be finding a place to put marketing materials, sculptures for the exhibition or everyday items that need clearing out so that more visitors can fit in. If you need to free up space in Gateshead or Newcastle, storage solutions can be found at Pay Less for Storage. From document storage that is ideal for leaflets and promotional materials, to large container units that would comfortably fit a mobile van or two, we can assist with your storage requirements.

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