Efficiencies in the Workplace

Posted on 20/01/2017 · Posted in Uncategorized

Efficiency has been a buzz word since the start of the financial crisis. Up and down the country processes and policies have been monitored and revised in a bid to find areas where improvements can be made. The aim is to find a reliable means of achieving the same end result in less time, or with fewer resources.

Investment in staff training, new technology or process management is often required in order to reduce the costs associated with the delivery of goods and services. When they are implemented in the right areas, such investments can soon generate a return.
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Another option is to remove any unnecessary items, which helps to simplify the process and create more space. If you are looking to kick start this year in a highly efficient manner, a good place to start could be a thorough declutter of the workplace.

Workplace Declutter

Is redundant machinery filling the storage areas? Are there boxes of spare uniforms or exhibition displays in the cupboards? Do staff members have to battle through seasonal stock to reach the toilets? Are the shelves full of outdated manuals and files? If this sounds familiar it could be time to put the space to better use.

The first step is to clear out anything that is no longer needed. A local disposal company can help by incinerating confidential waste including financial papers and customer data. Old desks, machinery and tools can often be donated to local charities; they may be able to recondition them and sell them on. There are always a few bags full of stuff that can simply be binned.

Self-Storage Facilities

There are obviously items that you need on a daily or weekly basis, so these have to stay put, but what about the spare stock, bulk orders, company files and occasional use items such as exhibition displays? The simple solution is to rent a unit from a local self-storage company. Such units are dry, clean and secure, with 24 hour access, so you can collect items at your convenience.

A small self-storage unit could be all it takes to relieve some of the pressure on space in the workplace. This could make it easier for your employees to move around and to locate the items that they need. As such, simplifying the working environment is a low cost way to make things more efficient.

The use of self-storage facilities is certainly far cheaper than relocating in order to find room for an expanding team or a state of the art machine. The additional space might allow you to provide additional facilities for employees or a welcoming area for visitors. A tidy and efficient workplace is likely to impress them too.

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